In-story conversation

Urneil lies on the back, his great leathery wings already beginning to curl, his limbs and claws limp, his eyes closed.

Cal is still coughing and spitting, and plumes of acidic smoke rise from her leather armor as she regains her composure and takes deep breaths. Gideon looks at her with concern, but busies himself with his bow on the other side of the great scaly corpse filling the street. Markus consults with one of the town guard, their arms moving as they recreate and critique the battle with words and gesture. Solara stands next to Keino, the cleric’s strong presence giving comfort as the druid looks down, watching the last drops of ichor ebb from the star she has carved in the dragon’s forehead, and with them, the last hopes of regaining her memory.

The smith has run back to his home, for safety and to gossip. The loremaster is on the roof of the warehouse, preparing the mayor’s body for removal. Dervan, the half-orc gaurd lieutenant, directs other guardsmen to do the same with Loab, but attends to Callam’s body himself, lifting the gnome like a child or a doll of great value. He calls out to the crowd in a voice both strong and gentle, “I think that’s enough for tonight. You men, secure the scene. The rest of us, and those bearing the dead, should repair to the meeting hall. It’s getting late and we still have much to do.”

So, what do you say or do next?


4 Responses to In-story conversation

  1. cal says:

    I need a drink!

  2. Solara touches Keino’s back, giving her the warmth of Pelor’s healing energy, knowing that now Keino has chosen a different path: to be with us.

    Now, what is next for us? Solara asks herself. She feels there is an evil rising, something related to water, her opposing element. Something from the depths of the ocean comes a evil that this land has never seen before. She is called to destroy it before it extinguishes her inner flame.

    She tells the group that she feels drawn to the ocean, and that if they trust her, they will join her on her quest to find this murky evil from the watery depths.

  3. cal says:

    I’ll go swimming with you, Solara! Should we take the river out to tides and lands unknown?

  4. Markus says:

    Deeply humbled by his parties amazing show of competence in battle, Markus paused to watch the scene unfold and to marvel at what just happened. That bard’s crazy magic gave the ranger’s arrows time to fall a dragon. A dragon. Together, they saved this town and every life in it. He wanted to tell Stefen all about it, but feared he would not see Stefen for a very long time.

    Markus’s mother told stories about his father’s life as a sailor before that final voyage. She was going to tell him about the pregnancy when he returned from that voyage but that news was never shared. Markus had never been to sea to meet his father before.

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