The Story So Far

A storm drove a band of unlikely companions to seek shelter in forgotten tomb hidden in a high tor on a deserted plain. The sullen elven bard Cal, the feckless half-orc barbarian Felana, the idealistic human cleric Solara, the earnest human ranger Gideon, and the amnesiac elven druid known only by her tattoo – 8894 – joined together to wait out the storm, explore the tomb, and combat the hobgoblins, living and undead, inside.

Choosing to journey together, they headed south and stayed at the home of a retired fighter, Stephan. While there, most of their goods were stolen, apparently by Vilkou, an old sorcerer adversary of Stephan. The party headed south in an attempt to pick up a trail, discovering from a tinker that the goods were now in the possession of a one-eyed man named Jack.

The group followed Jack to the town of Seawell, where they allied with some indigenous lizardfolk in a battle with pirates who had taken over the area lighthouse. They helped avert an all-out human-lizardfolk war in the region, but Jack had slipped away northward.

While on Jack’s trail, Felana was killed by ogres while saving a young boy from a ritualistic murder. After the battle, Gideon discovered the ogres had been in possession of some goods belonging to his stepfather, the elven ranger Ka’Desh, and worried for Ka’Desh’s well-being. Saddened, the party moved on to Duvik’s Pass, only to find that Jack was comatose in the wake of a magical plague that had overcome the town, and that they had to end the plague to recover their goods. Joined by the straitlaced human fighter Markus, the party entered the mines and destroyed the half-orc sorcerer who had caused the plague, freeing the town and discovering that this plot had stemmed from Vilkou as well.

Markus joined the party as they continued through the mountains, following a lead to Ka’Desh’s whereabouts. They discovered him, alive and well and in the service of Zadrian, a scholar of the planes, but only after battling their way through the alchemist’s manor home, which had been transformed into a funhouse of horrors as rooms shifted in and out of other planes as a result of an experiment gone awry. They defeated a stone golem to end the experiment and release Zadrian and Ka’Desh.

The party headed northeasterly, to resupply at the trading center of Anwar. There they received a message from Stephan, who thought he might have caught up to Vilkou in the town of Desburg.

8894 – whose name had been revealed to be Keino – left the party on a vision quest, but the others joined Stephan in Desburg, where they unwittingly allowed a demon to infiltrate the royal house, but were able, with the help of the local rogue’s guild, to stop it before it destroyed all the local noble families completely. Although they had foiled another of Vilkou’s plots, the sorcerer himself had gotten away. Stephan and Gideon followed a lead toward Purim while the remainder of the party, rejoined en route by Keino, sought the sorcerer in a legendary outlaw hideout in the wilderness.

The party confronted Vilkou in his lair after cutting a swath through waves of undead guardians; it was then that the bard Cal recognized Vilkou as Cap Tripps, her abusive stepfather and the man who had killed her beloved stepbrother Knox. Their reunion was to be short-lived, as the sorcerer fell dead at their feet after a massive struggle against the party.

With Vilkou finally defeated, the entire party, rejoined by Gideon, decided to support Keino in her search for her memory by returning to the spot where she had “awakened.” Gideon and Cal made a side trip on the way, initially planning to pass through Anwar once again, but instead finding themselves drawn into raiding a tomb alongside Malachite, a foul-mouthed sorcerer and revengeful double-crossed associate of Vilkou’s. In a hidden chamber, the party discovered Vilkou’s personal effects; Malachite took most of the valuables and Cal obtained some papers revealing that  her stepbrother’s father and Gideon’s father were the same man: Morgan Rowley.

The party regrouped at Keino’s awakening site to search for her memory, and they became drawn into serial murders occurring every full moon in the nearby community of Deepwood. Initially accused of the murders, Keino’s long absence after her escape from incarceration had cleared her of suspicion, and she resumed her role as a town elder, albeit with no knowledge of her prior life. The party assisted with the investigation, which revealed that Keino might well have committed a different murder from the one she had been accused of, but the party kept this information quiet. The last killing in the series turned out to be a ritual suicide that the party was unable to stop; this death summoned forth the juvenile green dragon Urneil. After a rousing battle, the party defeated the dragon and restored peace, of a sort, to the beleaguered town – although at the price of Keino’s memory.


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  1. Markus says:

    That was a juvenile?

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